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Fully Autonomous Fire Prevention Swarm UAV System

It is an AI-powered swarm unmanned aerial vehicle solution to detect forest fires early and take necessary precautions. The system, which has many features such as route planning and autonomous movement, terrain mapping, thermal vision, decision support mechanisms and battery replacement station, can detect fires at the earliest stage thanks to its continuous flight capability.

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Route Planning and Autonomous Flight

With our route planning algorithm and fully autonomous movement capabilities, Alaca can perform autonomous installation and reconnaissance in the area that is planned to be used, without requiring any preliminary work. In this way, it provides to be prepared for usage and displacement situations without the need for terrain information.


Terrain Mapping

A digital map of the terrain is obtained from the camera image and distance sensor data with artificial intelligence-based photogrammetry methods.


Fire Detection with Thermal Imaging

Image processing module that includes a deep learning-based computer vision model for early detection of fires and detects even small fires by processing the data received from the thermal camera. Thanks to this module, warning systems are activated at an early stage when fires are just starting.


Strategy and Decision Support Mechanisms

Information such as live image transmission, fire direction, fire severity, terrain conditions, possible counter-fire zones and response strategies are reported to the disaster management tool, where the fire extinguishing supervisor is present, so that the expert team can develop fire strategies for possible fire intervention situations while they are still on the road.


Battery Swap System

The system includes a station that covers the charging processes of the unmanned aerial vehicle using renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines. The station provides charging of spare batteries and autonomous battery swapping.

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